Wisconsin Adds 57 Items to State Fair Food List

State fair food season is right around the corner which reminds me of a quote in this article from 2009 that epitomizes what Fried Stuff with Cheese is about.

When people come, they like anything that’s on a stick or deep fried.

The best items always seem to start with “deep-fried…” and end with “…on a stick”. It makes me want go buy friedstuffonastick.com.

I like a traditional funnel cake. Simple. Sweet. And big enough to share.

Why do people like state fair food so much?

  • Its relatively cheap.
  • Everyone else is eating it so why shouldn’t you?
  • It smells so damn good!
  • It’s probably safer than the rides!

But the Wisconsin State Fair always has some over-the-top state fair food items that make half the people cringe and the other half salivate. New state fair food items include:

  • Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped Tater Tots on-a-stick
  • Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped cheddar hot dog on a stick
  • Sweet potato fries with marshmallow dipping cream
  • A Chimi-Nutella, which is banana, Nutella, cinnamon, pecans and powdered sugar in a flour tortilla

What’s your favorite state fair food? Let us know in the comments!

Source: http://fox6now.com/2012/07/13/57-new-food-items-at-wisconsin-state-fair-this-year/




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