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Fried Stuff with Cheese (FSWC) is dedicated to gluttony and wanton excess.

Fried Stuff started out as a joke between colleagues when someone said

“Hey, is it me or do we always seem to eat something fried with cheese for lunch?”

At that moment we realized we needed a site to help others with the same dilemma – what am I going to eat for lunch today? Should it be fried? Should it have cheese? The answer to both questions is Yes!

So if you like to talk about lunch at 9:30 in the morning or you have a craving for an extra-large Dairy Queen Blizzard after devouring a whole Buffalo Chicken Pizza then this is the place for you.

Have an idea for a blog post? Got a picture of some magnificent fried stuff that you want to share with everyone? Stop by the contact page to let us know about it.

If it’s fried, funny, or food-related then we want it here.

Bon Appétit!

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