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Stormtrooper Enjoys Max & Erma’s Garbage Burger

Stormtrooper Enjoys Max & Erma’s Garbage Burger

A local Stormtrooper, George Sachul, posed for a picture while enjoying a Garbage Burger from Max & Erma’s restaurant.

“Yeah, my family and I come here at least once a week. We enjoy the food and the prices are reasonable.”

When asked why George choose the Garbage Burger, he groaned,

“Lord Vader has been on a health kick ever since Obi-Wan kicked his ass. We get free food at work but it’s all fruit, tofu and bean sprouts! I wanted something good for a change! So we’ve been coming here more often.”

George continued,

“M & E’s has great tortilla soup, buffalo chicken sandwiches, and the cheese sticks are amazing with that sauce. My whole family loves ’em!”

Editor’s note: Shortly after completing this story we learned that Lord Vader crushed George’s throat for his insolence. Our sympathies go out to George’s family. All hail Lord Vader.

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