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You Know That’s Not Food, Right?

You Know That’s Not Food, Right?

So my girlfriend and I were discussing what we had for lunch yesterday and she says that she had cucumber slices in a light Italian dressing.

“What?” I said with my eyes squinting and my head cocked to one side. “That’s not food. That’s what accompanies food.” I cracked.

“Yes it is! It’s a salad.” She replied, indignantly.

“Cucumbers in dressing isn’t even a whole salad. It’s a portion of a salad. You essentially ate food that’s used to make actual food. What would my Fried Stuff fans say about this?”

“I don’t care. I liked it.” She huffed.

“Maybe you should cut back on food altogether since you can’t seem to do it right anyway.” I poked playfully.

When I woke up in the hospital this morning my head was still spinning. The nurse was just bringing in my lunch. Cucumber salad. At my girlfriend’s request.


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