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4200 Calorie Food Decathlon

4200 Calorie Food Decathlon

Would you participate in a 4200 Calorie Food Decathlon?

A friend of Fried Stuff sent these Instagram images of the Lauzon Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) 1st Annual Food Decathlon.

The challenge is to eat the following food as fast as possible and the person that can eat the most food wins a prize as well.

  1. KFC Double-Down
  2. Five Guys Burger
  3. Doritos Loco Taco
  4. Small Wendy’s French Fry
  5. 5-Piece McDonald’s Nuggets
  6. Glass of Milk
  7. Celeste Pizza
  8. Two Dunkin’ Donuts donuts
  9. Burger King Hershey Pie
  10. 5 Oreo Cookies

If you finish the challenge you keep eating Oreo cookies until you can’t eat any more.

Each contestant consumed over 90 grams of saturated fat, 6 grams of sodium and almost 200 grams of sugar! has pictures from the event including some projectile vomiting that would make Tosh.0 proud.


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