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Carhops Sedan Challenge

Carhops Sedan Challenge

The Challenge

Carhops Sedan Challenge – Five people compete to finish their own 24-inch sub from Carhops (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) within one hour.

The Prize

Bragging Rights

The Food

Each competitor choose their own doom. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of pictures because the competitors were hungry! But Carhops’ subs come packed with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

5 hoagies end-to-end

120-inches of awesomeness!

The Results

The skinniest competitor finished in a little over 15 minutes! While not so skinny competitors used almost the full hour. There was one person who couldn’t finish the last few bites and openly wept with shame.

The Conversation

Trash-talking was had by all however these are the only quotes I remember.

“I love the smell of a Super Sport in the morning!”

Heard after finishing ~20 inches of sub: “I couldn’t even eat a potato chip right now.”

From the driver: “The passenger airbag light came on in my car because they were so heavy.”

“You know it’s bad when cleaners with Clorox can’t get your hands clean”, referring to the generous amount of oil on the subs.

From the cameraman to guy that didn’t finish, “Here, let me take a picture of your failure.” (picture not available however failure was confirmed and notarized)

“The angry guy from Carhops was actually happy this time! Look at the bill!”

The Wimps

Not everyone wanted to participate in the challenge. Instead they ordered other items from Carhops’ fine menu selection.

Cheesesteak Junkyard (with a fried egg)

This sandwich is comparable to a Primanti Brother’s cheesesteak. Some would say this one is actually better since it’s so much larger.

Better than Primanti's!

Better than Primanti's!

Chicken “Salad”

This “salad” is more like a bowl of meat with lettuce used as a garnish. The picture below is the salad in its half-eaten state!




Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal. Some enjoyed it well into the evening. Others received scorn from their wives when they shunned dinner.

One thing is for sure – 2 feet of anything is going to hurt.

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